While we are steadily developing, we have always put our focus on social construction and public welfare as the duties and obligations of corporate citizens. With practical action to return to society, we have been acting. Zenith is increasingly focusing on the development and production of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment.

It has always been how to improve resource utilization, reduce energy consumption, extend equipment life, reduce environmental pollution, and how to build a win-win industrial ecosystem as a mission in the company's growth. We are constantly pursuing a balance between corporate growth, social harmony, and sustainable development. We have always remembered our unshirkable social responsibility as a social citizen.


In order to better expand and deepen the international market, our company has offices in several countries and regions: Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Algeria, Indonesia, Mexico, Chile, Ghana and so on. The office staff is composed of local employees and the company's headquarters staff. Whenever there are new transactions, the company's headquarters will also send professional technical engineers and installation engineers. Zenith always maintains a professional and focused attitude, both at home and abroad.


After fully understanding the customer's demand for production line production capacity, final discharge size, size grades and customer investment budget, the company's senior design team will analyze it and discuss, design and design according to the customer's specific conditions. Formulate the production line and plan layout plan to tailor the most suitable and economical production line for customers to ensure profitability. And we have a professional after-sales installation team. They are skilled and experienced. They are dedicated and innovative. They have successfully completed the installation and commissioning tasks of thousands of large and small projects and have helped customers train operators until they can Operate completely independently...