Comparison Of Vertical Roller Mill And Ball Mill

Comparison Of Vertical Roller Mill And Ball Mill

Don't say that grinding is not as good as a ball mill. Do you know all these reasons? When it comes to ball mills, everyone is no stranger to it. As a mill for large-scale mines, it is widely used in all walks of life because of its low price and high production capacity. However, as a development trend in the domestic powder industry, high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental-friendly mills are used in various types of mills. There is an extremely powerful performance advantage in milling equipment. Do not believe? Then take a look.

1, structure and installation

The vertical roller mill structure is simple, vertical vertical installation is adopted, the floor space is small, the infrastructure is simple, the installation is convenient, and the time is short; the structure of the ball mill is more complex and the horizontal horizontal installation is used. The installation technology is difficult, the foundation requires a high period, and the cycle is long. Large area. Both of them can be arranged in the open air, but generally speaking, vertical mill construction area is 70% of ball mill, construction space is 50%-60% of ball mill, investment cost is low.

 Vertical Roller Mill And Ball Mill  Vertical Roller Mill And Ball Mill

2, broken way

Vertical grinding mainly adopts grinding and crushing method, and the impact force is secondarily. It is suitable for fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding, low consumption of grinding media, and long service life of liner. The ball mill mainly adopts the impact crushing method, followed by grinding. It is suitable for coarse grinding and fine grinding. The grinding media consumes a large amount and the service life of the lining is short.

3, process flow

The vertical mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding and grading and conveying. Compared with the ball mill, the vertical mill has a simple process flow and a small investment in infrastructure. It can save one dryer for the mill system. Separate vertical grinding separator, the use of hot flue gas conveying materials, no need for separators and hoists, dust out of the mill directly into the powder collector, so the vertical roller mill system is simple, low failure rate, high operating rate , Compact layout.

In general, the same fineness of the finished products, using vertical roller mill technology, after two grinding, the product fineness up to the requirements, the traditional ball mill process is subject to three sections of grinding.

4, energy consumption

The vertical mill has a small number of running parts, is of low energy consumption type, and has little vibration; all parts of the ball mill are basically in motion, and it is of high energy consumption type and has great vibration. In addition, the vertical mill uses grinding rollers to directly grind the grinding materials on the grinding disc. Compared with the ball grinding system, it saves energy consumption by 30% to 40%.

In general, the power consumption of the vertical roller mill can be reduced by 30% to 50% compared with the energy consumption of the ball mill, in the case of the same raw material abrasiveness and the same product particle size.

5, drying capacity

The vertical mill is a combination of grinding, grading, and drying (when the material moisture is large). It is used in a single process. It uses hot air to convey the material and can be used to grind relatively large materials (such as coal, slag, etc.). Control the air inlet temperature so that the product reaches the final moisture. The vertical mill can dry 12%-15% of the water, and the drying capacity is strong. Even if it is a drying ball mill, it can only dry the material with moisture of 3%-4%. . Therefore, the use of vertical mills for the production of large amounts of water not only saves economic costs but also saves time costs.

6. Material discharge methods

Vertical roller mill discharge material is forced to avoid excessive grinding. After the material is ground on the grinding disc by the grinding roller, it is taken away by the high-speed airflow of the wind ring at the edge of the grinding disc. The qualified fine powder is collected by the dust collecting device along with the airflow.

Ball mill discharge material is self-discharge type, easy to appear over grinding, especially overflow ball mill, its material is automatically overflow, when the material level is higher than the discharge port, automatic discharge, energy-consuming and easy to over-grinding.

7, the quality of the product

  1. Compared with ball mills, vertical mills have a high level of homogeneity and a higher degree of purity. This is due to the short time it takes for the finished powder to be graded during vertical grinding and avoids excessive grinding.
  2. Due to the unique working principle, no metal is in direct contact with each other during vertical mill operation, metal wear is small, and contamination of finished materials is small.
  3. vertical mill grinding speed adjustment separator speed, wind speed and roller pressure is very convenient to achieve a convenient adjustment of product fineness, with the powder separator device can eliminate fine powder in a timely manner to reduce the phenomenon of excessive grinding, and product particle composition is stable . Ball mills are easy to grind, limestone unit wear is generally 4-6 g/t, and ball mills are up to 500 g/t.
  4. When the vertical roller mill grinds the white mineral, its whiteness is much less than the ball mill.

8, environmental impact

  1. Vertical grinding works at a soft sound, usually around 80 decibels. The grinding roller is not in direct contact with the grinding disc (installed with a device to prevent direct contact, to avoid damaging impact and violent vibration), and the noise is about 20-25 dB lower than the ball mill.
  2. The vertical roller mill adopts an overall seal, the system operates under negative pressure, dust is less, the environment is clean, the ball mill is open, and there is dust problem.

9, development and application

The vertical mill's process manufacturing technology started late, industrial production and application are in the promotion stage; the ball mill's process manufacturing technology is relatively mature, and industrial production has been widely used. But in the future, with the more mature technology of vertical grinding, the application range of high-efficiency and environmental protection will be more extensive.

10, price and productivity

The popularity of ball mills is not without reason. In large-scale mill production equipment, ball mills are relatively inexpensive, one-time investment is small, productivity is high, and the scope of application is wide and the operation is simple. Vertical mills do not have an advantage in terms of price, but their configuration of the hydraulic system makes maintenance operations quick and easy.

As an efficient energy-saving grinding equipment, vertical grinding mill is gradually applied to slag grinding, cement clinker grinding, power plant desulphurization, phosphate rock grinding, manganese ore grinding and many other industries due to its excellent performance, becoming energy-saving and emission-reducing. The preferred milling equipment for environmental protection. Today, with increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, Limo has become the first choice for international raw material grinding and coal grinding.

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