How To Reduce The Amount Of Cement Mill Slag Spit

How To Reduce The Amount Of Cement Mill Slag Spit

How to do if the cement plant increases the amount of ground slag? How to reduce the amount of mill slag? Solve the problem from these three aspects. Limo is a grinding machine widely used in modern cement, chemical, coal, electric power and other departments, because of its small footprint, low power consumption, low steel consumption, low noise, and set drying, grinding, powder selection One, with the advantages of compact structure, easy to operate, more and more people receive attention and adoption.

Recently, some users consulted with our company that after a period of time when the vertical roller mill was used for a while, the amount of slag discharge increased, which led to a decrease in the output of vertical mills, increased labor intensity and corresponding power consumption of the workers, and increased production costs. Below, we will take a look at the reasons for the increase in the amount of ground slag and the treatment measures.

How To Reduce The Amount Of Cement Mill Slag Spit How To Reduce The Amount Of Cement Mill Slag Spit

Vertical Roller mill slag reason

Equipment reason

  1. The wear of the nozzle ring and the damage of the cover plate on the spout ring cause the wind speed in the mill to reach the design wind speed, and the material cannot be lifted in time, causing spewing.
  2. Abrasive ring wear, gap increases, serious air leakage, resulting in slag.
  3. The guide cone wears badly and does not effectively serve as a guide for flow and airflow.
  4. The wear of the grinding roll skin and the grinding disk liner is serious, resulting in a decrease in the grinding pressure, a poor grinding effect, and an increase in the circulating load within the mill resulting in slag discharge.

Material reason

The particle size of the incoming material is greater than the maximum particle size allowed at the inlet, and the large proportion of large material increases the circulation load within the mill, causing the material layer in the film to be unstable, resulting in increased slag discharge.

Material segregation. Due to the reason of the material itself and the time of feeding is not timely, the aggregates entering the grinding block are excessively concentrated, so that the circulating load is increased and the slag is caused.

The material is poorly grindable. The proportion of clinker is not suitable, and it is difficult to grind the components. As a result, the circulating load in the film increases, resulting in slagging.

Fly ash effect. Some cement plants choose to use fly ash instead of clay ingredients. Due to the large moisture content of fly ash in the rainy season, limestone is used in the homogenization plant without drying. When the vertical roller mill is in operation, fly ash adheres to the unloading chutes and into the three-way valve plate. The more it hangs, the more suddenly it falls into the grinding to a certain extent, causing a sudden increase in the load within the mill and a drastic increase in slag discharge.

System leaks and insufficient air volume

Into the mill three valve plate is not flexible, often open or due to material moisture, the valve plate removed, the system leakage is serious, resulting in slag.

Due to material deposition, the mill inlet hot air pipe has a low flow rate of gas into the mill and insufficient air volume, resulting in slagging.

Reduce vertical mill slag removal measures


Fill the nozzle ring and disc ring regularly to repair the damaged cover plate on the nozzle ring and replace the guide cone, grinding roller and disc liner.

Material aspects

Reduce the particle size of incoming materials (adjust upstream discharge equipment). Increase the granularity of production management, timely feeding, reduce the degree of material segregation, and keep the material level of the mixing bin at more than two-thirds.

Reduce the amount of material with poor grindability.

Reduce the moisture content of the incoming material. Drying and turning in the shed, add a preheating air duct at the bottom of the three inlet valves, and the hot air is supplied from the hot air duct. This reduces the adhesion of the wet material at the three valves and facilitates the grinding of the inner material layer. Stable, reducing slagging.

System air volume

Restore the three valves and regularly clean up the material in the hot air pipe.

The slagging phenomenon of vertical mill is unavoidable in normal production, and the reason for producing slagging is also various. If there is a slagging phenomenon in actual production, it is necessary to find the cause in time, find a countermeasure, resume production in time, and ensure production efficiency.

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