Jaw Crusher Installation Points

Jaw Crusher Installation Points

Jaw crusher eccentric shaft, connecting rod, elbow plate, jaw, tooth plate, etc. 6 points of installation. Jaw crushers are mainly used for crushing and smashing in mines, building materials, infrastructure and other industries. The structure is simple and the work is reliable. Proper installation and normal operation are the basis for stable operation of the equipment. This article shares the key points of jaw crusher installation operations. Jaw crusher is usually installed on the cement foundation. Due to the large vibration of the crusher, the foundation of the crusher needs to be isolated from the foundation of the factory. When assembling the crusher, the crusher frame must first be installed on the foundation. , and then install the other parts in order.

Breaking rack installation

When installing the crusher frame, some vibration-absorbing materials such as hardwood, rubber, etc. should be placed between the frame and the concrete, and the horizontal and vertical levels of the rack installed on the foundation or on the wooden seat should be complied with. Equipment installation requirements. When rack-mounted, the horizontal and vertical levels placed on the foundation should be less than 0.2mm.

Jaw Crusher Installation Points Jaw Crusher Installation Points

Breaking the assembly point of eccentric shaft and bearing

Before the shaft and bearing assembly is completed, the sliding bearings need to be assembled, and then placed in a sliding bearing housing. The levelness and the coaxiality of the bearings are checked by using a level gauge. If the measurement results meet the requirements, Then install the eccentric shaft on the bearing and apply the red powder on the journal to see the fit between the shaft and the bearing. If the high point of the sliding bearing surface is too high, further scratching is required until the high point between the contact surfaces disappears. Finally, a certain amount of lubricant is applied between the bearing housing and the bearing to reduce the wear of the shaft. The eccentric shaft slides and The contact area between the frames should not be less than 80%, and the gap between them should be less than 0.07mm.

Breaking the installation of the connecting rod

After the above parts are installed in place, the connecting rods can be installed. Before the connecting rods are assembled, the connecting rods and the required assembly positions should be carefully inspected. After the problem is solved, the connecting rods are lifted by driving and the entire chain is connected with gasoline or kerosene. The rod is cleaned and a layer of oil is applied to the surface of the rod after the cleaning to ensure its installation and lubrication.

Then put the upper bearing, main shaft, upper bearing and connecting rod on the upper shell, then lift the connecting rod, install the connecting rod bolt on the connecting rod and tighten it, such as connecting between the upper shell and connecting rod of the connecting rod, The fit does not result in tight oil leakage. The liner should be machined or new liners must be added. If conditions permit, the entire unit can be lifted into the machine by assembling the connecting rod and spindle components externally.

Breaking the elbow plate installation points

The smashed elbow can be dismantled by loosening the lever spring nut, removing the spring, and then using the chain or wire rope smashing in the lower part of the movable jaw, and then driving the wire rope so that the movable jaw near the fixed jaw, and then the bracket will automatically Fall off, simply repeat the above steps in the installation.

Breaking points for installation

Firstly, the movable jaw parts will be assembled accordingly. After the assembly of the movable jaw, the movable jaw shaft, the movable tooth plate and the elbow plate pad, etc. is completed on the ground, the assembled components will be hoisted together in the crusher with a crane or a crane. In the rack. For the plain bearings, the bearing and the bearing seat must be ground first to install the slide bearing in place. At the same time, the coaxiality and inclination of the slide bearing assembly are tested. The inclination is guaranteed to be 0.2mm. To be less than 0.06mm to complete the assembly of the jaws.

The main points of the installation of broken tooth plate

The Jaw Crusher tooth plate is a component that is directly used to crush the ore. Its structure is simple, but it often needs to be replaced because it often comes in contact with the ore. The cross-section structure of the tooth plate has two kinds of smooth surface and lattice type surface because of its They are heavy and need to be easily replaced. The tooth plate is fixed by bolts or wedges, and it is fixed on the front wall of the frame or the movable jaw, and the contact surface between the two must be straight. If there is a high point of contact, it needs to be processed in time. Because the inside of the front wall of the frame is not machined, a soft metal gasket is placed between the back of the fixed jaw plate and the front wall of the frame to ensure the tightness of the combination. Jaw crusher installation and installation is in place to a large extent determines the performance of the equipment, so the correct installation and operation is very important.

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