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Reasons For Low Output And Low Output Of Ball Mill

Ball mills have less material to discharge, grinding heads return, and production declines. Problems may lie in these areas. The surplus material of the feed inlet of the ball mill causes the ball mill to stop and discharge the material that does not meet the process requirements, and the discharge of material is reduced and the output is reduced. This is a common problem. Why would such phenomenon happen? Let's find out together.

The ball mill is composed of main parts such as feeding part, discharging part, turning part and transmission part. The hollow shaft is made of cast steel and the inner lining can be replaced. The slewing bull gear is processed by casting hobbing. The barrel body is inlaid with a wear-resistant liner and has good wear resistance. Smooth operation and reliable work.

Ball Mill Working Principle

The reasons for the low output of the ball mill, the return of the grinding head, and the decline in production are not uniform. First of all, the ball mill itself cannot adjust the torque and speed according to the change of the load to cope with the excess material at the feed end. In addition, the power capacity of general users is limited. If an energy-saving ball mill is overloaded or locked up, it may directly cause overload tripping of the power supply.

Ball Mill Ball Mill

Ball Mill Working Principle

Under normal circumstances, the power of the main motor of the ball mill is relatively large. In order to avoid excessively rough and inconvenient construction of the cable, most of them adopt high-voltage motors and adopt high-voltage power supply methods to reduce the current. If the precision current detection means is designed on the high-voltage startup cabinet at the time of design, the current of the main motor can be used to know the amount of material in the simplified mill. The smaller the material in the simplified, the smaller the weight, the smaller the required torque, and the main motor passes. The smaller the current is; the more material in the barrel, the greater the weight, the greater the required torque, and the greater the current through the main motor.

The current detection sets the upper limit value. When the current exceeds the upper limit value, the current detection device outputs an excessive alarm in the cylinder and sends the alarm information to the material conveying system that supplies the material for the ball mill device. The material conveying system is completed through a control method. Slow down or temporarily stop to control the supply of material.

The reason for the decrease of output and the solution

The dullness of the sound, the reading of the ammeter drops, the material discharge is small, and even the grinding head returns

Main Reason:

  1. Too much feed, too large particle size.
  2. Material moisture, sticky ball, paste grinding, scorpion block.
  3. Improper grind leveling of the grinding body, or misalignment caused by the silo, the length of each warehouse is unreasonable.


  1. Reduce the amount of feed, reduce the material into the abrasive particle size.
  2. Reduce the moisture content of the material, strengthen the ventilation, stop grinding the ball, remove the blockage of the boring hole.
  3. Adjust the grinding grading and the length of each bin.
  4. The amount of grinding is reduced, when the output is too low

main reason:

  1. Feeding too little or too much.
  2. The feed chute clogged or damaged, or the feed screw blade was worn.
  3. Abrasive wear excessively or insufficiently.
  4. Liner installation direction is wrong.
  5. Poor ventilation or blocked pores.
  6. The material moisture is too large, the block size is too large, and the grinding body is not properly graded.


  1. Adjust the amount of feed to the appropriate level.
  2. Check for repairs.
  3. The grinding body is replenished into the mill.
  4. re-install.
  5. Sweep the snorkel or boring hole.

Properly dry the material to reduce the moisture content of the material; contact the technologist.

Ball mill is a widely used mineral processing equipment. In order to find problems in a timely manner and eliminate hidden dangers, in order to ensure the normal operation of the ball mill, in addition to daily maintenance, it is necessary to stop grinding regularly, and regularly check important components such as hollow shafts, main bearings, cylinders, speed reducers, and large and small gears. maintain. Correct and reasonable maintenance can effectively improve the operating efficiency and service life of the ball mill.

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