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Vertical Roller Mill Vibration Causes And Solutions

Four Causes of Frequent Vibration of Vertical Roller Mill and Analysis of Measures

The causes of vertical roller mill vibration are relatively complex. Basic reasons can be roughly divided into three categories:

  1. First, the reasons for operation control, such as layer thickness, water spray, pressure difference, air flow, air temperature, grinding pressure, feeding amount and other control caused by unreasonable vibration;
  2. The second is the reason for the material, such as the particle size of the material, the grindability of the material, iron or large pieces of material into the mill and other super-induced vibration of the mill;
  3. The third is the vibration caused by mechanical equipment.
  4. Vibration caused by the first two causes is easier to find and easier to control, and can be resolved by strengthening process management and process control. The vibration caused by the mechanical equipment is complicated and difficult to control.

Let's share the vibrations caused by the equipment and the solutions.

The center of the vertical grinding roller and the central bracket is offset from the center of the grinding disc, causing vibration of the grinding machine.

Due to long-term wear and vibration, the gap at each joint becomes large, and the torsion bar cushion ages and hardens and loses its cushioning effect. The impact thickness becomes thinner (initially, each piece is 125 mm thick, and the test is only 120 mm after running for a while). The amount of activity becomes larger, resulting in a shift in the center of the roller's position (if the center of the holder has a large offset, it can be seen from the air-seal gap of the roller, and the air-seal gaps on both sides are not large).

Vertical Roller Mill Vertical Roller Mill

At the same time, due to vibration and wear, the position of the torsion bar and the tension bar will be offset, not only the torsion bar will lose its protective effect, but also the tension bar will form a twisting effect, and the torque will be generated on the tension bar, causing the vibration of the vertical roller mill to increase. The base of the chassis causes destructive damage, and the tension rods and tension rod bolts are easily broken.

Therefore, when the center of the grinding wheel and the center support assembly is offset from the center of the grinding plate, the position of the grinding roller is adjusted so that the center of the grinding roller and the center support assembly is located at the center of the grinding plate. The specific inspection and adjustment method is: The grinding roller is placed on the grinding disc, and no grinding pressure is applied. The gear pump station is in normal working condition. At this time, the coupling between the speed reducer and the motor can be manually turned to rotate. Grinding disk.

After one-hour rotation of the grinding disc by manpower, measure the distance from the end of the roller lining plate to the edge of the disc block. The difference is within ±5mm. It can be considered that the position of the roller is correct. Otherwise adjustment is needed until the position is correct. until. In daily maintenance, at least one or two planned maintenances should be arranged every year according to the production conditions, mainly for the radial system of the Vertical roller mill, replacement of wear and aging spare parts, maintenance of key components, and dismantling of the torsion bar regardless of whether the operation is good or bad. Spherical bearings at the tension rods are maintained and the bearing clearances are measured. If necessary, the cushions and bearings are replaced.

2. Vibration of the mill caused by damage to the accumulator airbag airbag.

Due to the damage of the nitrogen airbag, the accumulator will not be able to absorb the shock and vibration, and it will not absorb the impact on the hydraulic system caused by changes in the material thickness of the grinder. The pressure oil in the hydraulic cylinder will lose its cushioning, resulting in continuous shock vibration. At the same time, it also accelerated the damage of hydraulic cylinder seals and high pressure hoses.

In order to avoid the above failures, it is necessary to periodically check the pressure in the accumulator, and to check or replace the capsule when the nitrogen balloon pressure is zero.

3, grinding mill vibration caused by vertical mill grinding roll does not turn.

The reason that the grinding roll does not rotate is mostly caused by the internal bearing being damaged or stuck. At this moment, the working current of the main motor will suddenly increase. When this happens, stop and check immediately.

4. Grinding machine vibration caused by wear of the grinding plate of the grinding roller.

With the wear of the grinding plate of the grinding roller, the thickness of the material layer of the grinding plate will also change accordingly. When the wear reaches a certain degree, the thickness of the material layer will increase, the grinding ability will decrease, the vibration value will increase, and the operation of the grinding machine will be difficult. . Therefore, the height of the baffle is not a fixed value. When the feeding amount and the grinding pressure are fixed, the thickness of the material layer is mainly adjusted by the height of the baffle.

Different material properties and product fineness, there are different heights of the retaining ring, so in the specific operation and adjustment, we must take into account the height of the retaining ring and the grinding pressure, with the wear of the roller liner to reduce the material in time Circle height. Strengthen the maintenance and management of vertical mills, timely find and deal with hidden faults, and better reduce production costs and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. Messages are welcome to communicate your problems.

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