PEW Series Jaw Crusher

PEW Series Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher Has Stronger Carrying Capacity

The jaw crusher has larger bearing specifications and higher bearing capacity. All of these jaw crushers are equipped with larger and more durable eccentric shaft bearings than other crushers of the same size. Their higher load carrying capacity and effective labyrinth seals greatly extend bearing life.

Jaw Crusher For Higher Strength

The jaw crusher adopts finite element analysis technology, and the integral cast steel bearing seat ensures complete cooperation with the frame, which greatly enhances the radial strength of the bearing seat and enables the equipment to have higher strength.


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PEW Series Jaw Crusher Introduction

New generation crusher,PEW series jaw crusher is born with innovative significance. It is newly designed and improved by our experts on basis of their more than 20 years' crusher manufacturing and designing experience. The unique design concept makes this series crusher achieves the perfect combination between crushing efficiency and operating cost. Meanwhile, it has wide range of application, particularly suitable for crushing hard rock, such as basalt, river pebbles.

PEW Series Jaw Crusher Feature


  • Durable moving jaw assembly;
  • Integral cast steel bearing housings;
  • Fast and safe setting adjustment;
  • Reasonable cavity design;
  • Larger-size and larger carrying capacity bearings;
  • Compact & robust structure.

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Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher machine car one machine price misunderstanding

Although the price of a car-mounted machine with a broken machine is not fixed, a reasonable choice can help users to purchase more affordable equipment. The price of equipment on the market is uneven, users should beware of the following price misunderstandings:

1. Equipment with too low price

Some manufacturers' car-based ones offer too low a price, which seems to be very cost-effective, but it is likely to hide "mystery." Many manufacturers' materials and workmanship are not up to standard, the quality of the equipment produced is not good enough, the price is cheaper, and it is very attractive to users. As a result, it is often bought back to find faults, and the output has certain problems. This will make the user lose more than it costs.

2, the price is not true equipment

The equipment with high price is also a misunderstanding. Some users think that the high-quality mobile E-breaking machine quality must be good, but it is not, because some of them are profitable, and the price is raised, which affects the normal quotation of equipment.

The practical application of a scientific and rational method can not only extend the life of the crusher but also improve the efficiency of the production cone crusher. The following explains the precautions for the crusher in actual operation:

One. Preparation before starting

  1. 1, should carefully review whether there are good lubrication bearings, the connection inside the bearing housing, and whether there is enough grease;
  2. 2, should be carefully checked that all the fastening is completely fixed.
  3. 3, the transmission belt is good, found that the crusher with the logo should be replaced in time, in the presence of the belt or pulley grease, a clean rag to wipe his application and;
  4. 4. The protection device is good. If the phenomenon of the protection device is found to be unsafe, it should be cancelled immediately.
  5. 5. Check if the ore crushing chamber or other feeder debris, such as ore, or other debris, should be removed.

Second, the crusher starts

  1. 1. After inspection, it is proved that the mechanical transmission part is normal;
  2. 2. This unit is only allowed to start under load conditions.
  3. 3. After starting, if abnormal conditions are found, stop the operation immediately, you must identify and eliminate the abnormal situation, and then restart the crusher.

Three. Maintenance and use

  1. 1, the normal operation of the crusher, and then start pouring material.
  2. 2, breaking materials should be unified into the crushing cavity, and side effects should be avoided to prevent sudden increase in load mutation or unilateral.
  3. 3. Under normal conditions, the bearing temperature rise should not exceed 35 °C, and the maximum temperature rise does not exceed 70 °C.
  4. 4, parking, the first feeding material can be broken after the broken cavity should have been broken, then completely closed the car;
  5. 5. In use, the material of the crushing chamber is blocked by the parking. The motor should be turned off immediately, and the material must be removed first and then restarted.

We have been dedicating ourselves to the research, development, manufacture and sales of mining crushing machinery, sand making equipment and industrial milling equipment for many years. We have provided a large number of solutions and complete sets of equipment for large-scale projects such as railways, hydropower and highways.

In recent years, we have continuously absorbed senior management talents and scientific research elites from the industry, introduced advanced technologies and processes from the United States, Germany, Japan, and other countries, established modern production lines and modern testing bases, and our products have passed the certification of international quality management system. In addition, we are also listed as a key special cooperation partner by China Railway, China Construction, and other construction units.

Based on years' experience and technology development, Zenith jaw crusher series are of 6 different models, which can meet most crushing requirements in primary and secondary crushing. features

Based on years' experience and technology development, Zenith jaw crusher series are of 6 different models, features

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