SCM Series Ultrafine Mill

SCM Series Ultrafine Mill

Ultrafine Mill Maximum Fineness

SCM series ultrafine mill can achieve a fineness of 300-3000 mesh or more during the grinding process, which can bring better efficiency and efficiency to your production. The ultrafine mill depends to a large extent on production. Operational problems, if the operation process is correct, the production process will be smoother.

Ultrafine Mill Performance Advantage

  1. 1. High output: Compared with other mills, the ultrafine mill can increase the output by 30% under the same dynamic conditions. If the spring pressure is increased, the power is increased accordingly, and the output will be higher.
  2. 2, the product is excellent: ultrafine mill can mainly grind all kinds of mineral products with Mohs hardness less than seven grades, and the finished product has a wide range of fineness, the particle size can reach 0.613 mm (30 mesh), and the particle size is generally up to 0.033 mm (425 mesh), a small amount of material can also reach 0.003 mm (3250 mesh).
  3. 3, energy saving and environmental protection: ultrafine mill using overlapping multi-pole sealing and grinding device, good sealing performance, no pollution, dust removal effect fully meets the national dust emission standards, is a green environmentally friendly grinding equipment.
  4. 4, cost-effective: compared with the airflow mill system energy consumption is low. In addition, the ultrafine mill investment is small, the efficiency is high, and the recycling is fast.
SCM Series Ultrafine Mill SCM Series Ultrafine Mill

When the ultrafine mill machine is working, it is forbidden to run when the material is broken. During the first operation, it is forbidden to spray the water on the grinding disc or the material is less sprayed into the grinding machine to prevent the deformation of the lining plate, and the downtime Just 30 minutes short. In the case of internal fine ventilation of the ultrafine mill, the sealing fan must be opened. In the process of production and grinding, if the phenomenon of grinding machine alarm occurs, it is necessary to check various parts and parameters.

Grinding Process of SCM series Ultrafine Mill

The grinding process is divided into closed circuit and open circuit. It has been proved by practice that the open grinding system has the advantages of simple process operation and finished product after grinding. However, it should be noted that the flow rate of the material in the mill is slow and the residence time is long, which may cause excessive grinding of the material, which is disadvantageous to the particle size of the finished product. Therefore, we advocate and promote the use of closed-circuit grinding systems. SCM series ultrafine mill machines are equipped with powder-selecting equipment to effectively avoid the problems of open-circuit grinding systems by timely discharging the finely ground fine powder.

SCM Series Ultrafine Mill

Precautions during use of ultrafine mill

In the process of using the ultrafine mill, the operator must have a certain level of technology, and the grinding equipment should have a fixed person to take care of. Before the operation of the milling equipment, the operator must be provided with the necessary technical training to understand the principle and performance of the ultrafine grinding machine powder equipment, familiar with the operating procedures, so that they can better grasp the milling machine.

Ultrafine mill should pay attention to maintenance and overhaul. Therefore, after using for a period of time, it should be inspected and repaired, and at the same time, the wearing parts such as the grinding roller and the blade should be repaired and replaced. Before and after the use of the grinding roller device, the bolts and nuts should be carefully inspected to see if the lubricating grease is sufficient and there is looseness.

When the grinding roller device is used for more than 500 hours, when the grinding roller is replaced, the rolling bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and the damaged components should be replaced in time to avoid affecting normal production.

Coal Ultrafine Mill Application

Canada is rich in coal resources, in part for the production and processing, some are exported to other countries. A large number of coal mining, milling processing operations that require high-quality equipment to complete. Coal ultrafine mill is a key equipment milling industry, which is mainly responsible for the bulk of coal is crushed and ground into a pulverized coal, pulverized coal after grinding through which can be widely used in power plant boilers, coal-fired plant, foundry industry. In order to effectively improve the utilization of coal, which is the ultrafine mill technology, the grinding fineness and production capacity are extremely demanding. Therefore, in order to produce high quality coal, the customer must choose high-performance milling equipment. Shanghai Zenith Europe ultrafine mill equipment set up in the past many advantages, and take full account of the needs of modern industrial production and processing. Its milling capacity, production volume. Whether in coal production and processing of ores or other materials processing, the European version of the mill are more in line with modern industrial efficiency, energy production requirements, milling machining equipment can be described as the best choice for coal milling industry.

Coal European Mill for Sale

Coal european ultrafine mill for sale is popular. We recommend the european ultrafine mill mainly refers to the MTW series trapezium mill. It would be the most current grinding mill, that is developed by our company's experts depending on ten years' R&D on grinding machine. It owns many independent patents property, such as overall prick gear drive, internal thin oil lubrication system, arc-shaped air duct. All of these make it leading the trend of the milling industry in the world. Let us help you find out more information:

  1. Degree of Grinding: Medium, coarse powder grinding;
  2. Product Fineness/Capacity: Fineness can reach to 0.038mm, capacity of 3.5 ~ 25t/h;
  3. MTW Mill Wearing Parts: Zenith offers common wearing parts in the whole lifetime, like roller, edge and relevant components;
  4. Suitable for Grinding: Limestone (200~325mesh), barite (200~1250mesh), gypsum (150~200mesh), bentonite (200mesh);
  5. MTW Grinding Mill Application: Desulfurization plant, cement additives, soil conditioner, oil drilling, coating, concrete.

Coal Ultrafine Mill Processing Equipment Manufacturer

Based on a deep understanding of mining crushing process and equipment technology solutions for the long-term accumulation, Zenith is engaged in mining ultrafine mill processing enterprises to provide high-quality equipment and efficient service, and create tremendous value for our customers. If you need help analyzing your ore or any other technical facet of your operation, feel free to contact us.

The grinding process is divided into closed circuit and open circuit. It has been proved by practice that the open grinding system has the advantages of simple process operation and finished product after grinding.features

Coal european ultrafine mill for sale is popular.features

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